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Just before the Sunburn series went to air, the News of the World newspaper run the following article in their Sunday Magazine.

The pictures listed below are from the same source but are of poor quality due to the poor quality of the magazine print.

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Rebecca Callard's mum is a Coronation Street legend. But the sexy young actress owes a lot more to her than just a famous name

Rebecca Callard may have a figure to die for, but she admits she was a dumpy schoolgirl. She lost 3st in an amazing makeover that has made her the slim and scrumptious man-slayer she is today. And that transformation is down to just one person - a fitness guru who put her on a strict health and fitness regime - her mum, Coronation Street legend Beverley Callard. "if it wasn't for her I would not be as slim and toned as I am now," admits Rebecca. "I weigh around 6st now and she's given me the figure I have."

Rebecca, who stars in the scorching new BBC drama Sunburn next week, is happy to flaunt the body her mum made, as these exclusive pictures reveal. But even before losing weight, she was used to being the centre of male attention. "Boys first showed an interest in me at school because I had big breasts," confesses gorgeous Rebecca, 23, who is best friends with Scary Spice Mel B. "I had massive boobs because I was 3st heavier. Boys are like that at school. I wasn't interested in them though. "I was that size because I used to eat a lot. I wasn't fat, I was chubby. It always used to go on my bust and my hips but I always had thin legs. "although I wasn't huge I was a lot bigger than I am now. When I was younger I was really healthy because mum used to pack me brown baps, cucumber and natural yoghurt. "Then when I went to high school all my friends including Melanie B, had their own dinner money and they used to buy their lunch and in the end I was allowed to, so I'd buy chips and crisps." However, Rebecca cut out the junk food and began exercising with startling effects. Now the 5ft 1in actress has a fantastic figure and looks truly fit. Yet she might not have been with us at all, but for expert medical care. "When I was born I had weak lungs and I was blue," Rebecca says. "Mum could hold me in her hand because I was so small." Although she's grown up into a bouncing babe, with a figure which has fellas drooling, Rebecca's staying tight-lipped about her love life. And while she's been linked to former EastEnder hunk Paul Nicholls, Rebecca's a long way off following childhood pal Mel B down the aisle and getting hitched. "I'm too young to settle down right now, there's too much happening to even think about it for the time being, "Rebecca says. "I believe in Girl Power. I love partying, clubbing, having a good time with my friends. I've got a lot of friends who are really supportive and I talk to them all the time. "They're always there for me and I'm there for them and I don't know what we'd do without each other. My friends, my family and my work are the most important things in my life and I'm very happy." One of those vital pals is Mel B. "I moved to London when I was 16 and Melanie used to come and see me. I used to say to her "You've got to move to London", but she said she'd never move there. She's my best mate and we see each other at least once every couple of weeks. "Now I live in London I have a crazy social life. In my teenage years I was dedicated to work and didn't go out much, so I'm making up for all that now, "I was really naughty at school. I went to the same school as Melanie and we were terrible," she says. "I didn't go out much. I was always working or doing homework, but I'm making up for all that now." As a teenager, the one person who did bring out Rebecca's naughty side was her pal Mel B. "I remember me and Melanie going out for her 15th birthday. We waddled into town in our hotpants and we went to Pizzaland and to see Ghostbusters II. "We never used to drink and we went to a pub to get a white wine spritzer. She was saying "You order it" and I'd say "No, you order it". Amazingly I got served that night - the only time ever - and we spent the rest of the night giggling like fools. "To be honest, there were a couple of other times when I tried to get served in pubs, but there was no chance. I looked too young. All my friends got served but I couldn't. I just hope when I'm 40 I still look 20!" Rebecca's riding high in her new project Sunburn, also starring Michelle Collins, about the lives and loves of a group of British holiday reps. She won a leading role in The Borrowers while still at drama college, and landed parts in Peak Practice and Casualty. But then she discovered the downside to acting. "I was out of work for a year. I lived in a little bedsit and got no acting work. It was horrible," she remembers. "I worked in a video shop for four months. I didn't get a lunch break and I couldn't work the till properly. When I cashed up it was usually 20 short so I put my own money in. "Then I got a part in Band of Gold. I was really low and thought I'd never work again, but I never gave up."

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