Speaking about her part of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet just after completing Plotlands and The Grand.

I think this is the piece of theatre I am most proud of. I found it very challenging, as there were no microphones. Since I have never been to drama school, I hadn't had lessons in projection, so I had to learn all that as I went along. I would definitely like to do more theatre, especially now I have just done these two big television dramas back to back.

Speaking about her part of Kate Morris in The Grand.

Kate is 21, and I think its the first time that I have ever played anyone at the age I actually am.

Speaking in 1997

If I could chart my career from here onwards it would involve doing a play at the National, never having a day out of work and doing a film with Gary Oldman

Talking about her part in Plotlands

It's the first time I've done a cockney accent. I come from Leeds so sometimes I was worried I'd end up sounding a bit like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

Talking about her variety of roles from The Borrowers, Bands of Gold and Plotlands

I've certainly had a bit of variety recently. I've gone from playing someone six-inches high, to a prostitute, to a girl in a field.

Talking at Scary Spice's Wedding (where she was 'Best Woman') about how she and Mel B met.

We were thrown together on the first day of high school - basically because everyone else wanted to beat us up for some reason

Talking about her mother actress Beverley Callard

She's better known in Manchester than Sharon Stone
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