Pippa Haywood

Pippa as Helen Brittas

Pippa Haywood is in my mind a really talented actress and, dare I say it, a certain amount of sex appeal. She is best known as Helen Brittas in the British comedy The Brittas Empire or in her role as Claire in Grown Up. However she has also got a long list of theatre credits to her name.

Personal Infomation

Born in London but now lives in Dorset, with partner, Malcolm and daughters Molly and Amy. According to Now Magazine, Pippa suffered a 'retained placenta' after giving birth to Amy. This caused her to be rushed to hospital and had to receive an emergency blood tranfusion. Also suffering a miscarriage between her first and second children and this is something she feels that this is an issue that should be more open that it is. It's something that happens to 1 in 4 pregnancies.

National Blood Service - Do Something Amazing - Give Blood

Poems for Refugees

In 2002 Pippa was so moved by the plight of the Afagn refugees by the events of September 11th 2001, she approached many well-known celebrities from the worlds of theatre, literature and film. The result of this is a deeply moving collection of poems ranging from Auden to Shakespeare, Brecht to Harry Secombe, and chosen by figures such as JK Rowling, Seamus Heaney, Felicity Kendal, Joanna Lumley, Nick Hornby, Helen Fielding and Martin Clunes, and with personal statements from these celebrities as to the reasons for their choices.

TV and Film Credits


Appeared (briefly) in 'Lost in Austin'.

Appeared in a comedy sketch show called 'The Wrong Door' written by Phill Barron plus others.

Appeared in 1 episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot as Mrs Upjohn. The episode was called 'Cat Among the Pigeons'

Also in an episode of 'Lewis' entitled 'And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea' where she played a character called Veronica Gray.


6 episodes of the popular TV series 'Fear, Stress and Anger' in which she plays Julie Chadwick. Also Jackie Small in an episode of 'New Tricks' called Buried Treasure and Julie Jones in the TV Movie 'Confessions of a Diary Secretary', a play about British Cabinet Member John Prescott MP and the alleged affair he had with his secretary. Also stared another one of my favourite actresses Joanna Monro


3 series of the huge TV hit 'Green Wing' in which she played Joanna Clore.


Played Lavinia in 'If Only'


Two episodes of 'The Bill' in which she played Celia Barrett. This was her third appearance in this popular Police drama series and her third different character. (see 1998 and 2001)


Played Juliet Spence in 'Missing Joseph', an episode of 'The Inspector Lynley Mysteries'


Second of three appearances in the TV series 'The Bill'. Played Saffron James in the episode entitled 'Hitting Home' However, her big series this year was 'Office Gossip'. A 6 programme run in which her character was called Maxine. Also played Bridget in Love or Money


Three roles in long running, classic British TV series in 2000 'My Family' is a sitcom starring Robert Lyndsey and Zoe Wannamaker. Pippa played Doreen in 1 episode called 'Much Ado about Ben'. Holby City had one episode, 'The Real Thing' featuring Pippa as Sian Wooldridge and finally Dalziel and Pascoe had Pippa as Assistant Chief Constable Rebecca Fenning in four editions of this very popular TV series.


First appearance in 'The Bill' as Sgt Strong in 'Under the Grill'. Also in Goodnight Sweetheart as Mrs Flanagan and as Lorna Claithorne in Jonathan Creek.


Played Claire in the TV series 'Grown Ups' and Diana Andrews in Tangier Cop.


Played Cynthia Hyde-Lennon in Cuts.


Was in Headhunters playing the part of Antonia Watkins


Series 2 of the hit TV series 'The House of Eliott' featured an episode with Pippa playing a character called Clara Rhoades.


Seven series and 52 episodes of the TV comedy 'The Brittas Empire'. Probably Pippa's best known work. Filmed at the leisure centre in Ringwood, Hampshire this light hearted TV series had Pippa as Gordon Brittas's long suffering, pill popping wife.


Chimera was the title of the programme in which Pippa played Diane Rohmer


An episode of 'She-Wolf of London featured Pippa as Betty Biddles. Credits give her name as Philippa Haywood.


Capital City and a character called Liz and 'In it for the Monet' was a episode of Boon shown in this year. The later she was credited as Phillipa Haywood


The One Game as Jenny Thorne


Brush Strokes was a hit TV series of the period. All about a painter and decorator. Pippa (or Phillipa as she was credited appeared in two episodes. One playing a character called Francesca and a character called Gillian in the other.


I have reference that she was also the TV programmes 'The Last Word', 'Shelly' and 'Home James'

Theatre Credits

Sailsbury Playhouse


Private Lives

Regents Park

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Winters Tale

Wolsey Theatre

Requiem for Theatro Technis
The Importance Of Being Earnest

Derby Playhouse

Double Double

Ludlow Festival

The Tempest

Bristol Old Vic Company

The Archbishop's Ceiling
Richard II
The Vosey Inheritance
Rosencrantz & Guildernstern Are Dead
This Happy Breed


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe