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Personal Details

Born on 9th May 1972 in Aigburth, Liverpool. Her father is a civil engineer and her mother is a school welfare worker

Gillian acted at school and at the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre. In was through the Youth Theatre that in 1986 she gained a role in the British TV soap opera Brookside as Damon Grant's girlfriend, Debbie McGrath. Gillian was only 14 at this time. Her initial 3 episode contract was extended as the character proved very popular. So popular in fact the a spin off series "Damon and Debbie" (1987) was commissioned

Gillian attended St. John Almond High School where she passed nine GCSEs and four A-levels (English, French, History and General Studies).

Most other actresses would go to drama school before their first major roles, but not Gillian. She performed in many productions including a film version of Shirley Valentine before attending the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. The final exams for her drama degree were based on the best three performances out of four. During this time she was offered the role of Emily Kennedy in the TV adaptation of Catherine Cookson's "The Tide of Life". This became one of the performances for her drama degree. She was to gain a first-class degree.

Since then she has been a regular on the British TV screen, lately performing in the award winning Channel 4 series Shameless

She is not the only famous person in her family. Her younger brother, Thomas Kearney, is a professional footballer currently playing for Bradford City having previously played for Everton of the Premiership.

TV, Radio and Film Credits


Has been in nearly 100 episodes of the popular TV series Casualty playing a character called Jessica Harrison

Casualty DVD's from - however none contain Gillian


Valarie Irwin in an episode of Primeval


Appeared in of 'Trail and Retribution XIII: Curriculum Vitae' as Gina Casper and Miss Bird in an episode of Lilies called The Serpent.


"The Lives of the Saints" in which Gillian plays as character called Christella


Played Sue in the award winning TV series Shameless
Gillian Kearney with Shameless co-stars Rebecca Atkinson and Jody Latham  


Maria in an episode of "Where the Heart Is" called "Peaches and Cream" and appeared as Holly in "The Other Half"


Dushuri in Homecoming, Dr. Deborah Sweet in the series "Sweet Medicine" and Lesley Tulley in an episode of Blue Murder


June Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga
Gillian Kearney with Loan Grufford


Lynne Watson in two episodes of Clocking Off.


Two murders with "Midsomer Murders", episode called Dark Autumn (WPC Jay Nash) and "Murder in Mind" as Catrin Palmer in episode called Teacher


Kitty Burton in the popular TV Series "Hope and Glory" and played Cynthia Lennon in the programme In His Life: The John Lennon Story. The story of the ex-Beatle.


Ellie Brookes in the fantastic "Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll"
Gillian as Ellie in Sex, Chips & Rock and Roll with Emma Cooke1998 TV Series "Liverpool 1" TV Series as Julie Callaghan
Young Joan in The Things You Do for Love: Sweet Dreams
Debra Woolmer in "Hetty Wainthropp Investigates" episode called "A Minor Operation"


Elizabeth Langley in The Ruby Ring


Susan Watkins in episode Frail Mortality of Heartbeat Emily Kennedy in the Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life


"Men of the World" playing Jenny in an episode called "Happy Birthday Kendle"


Casualty, playing Mandy in episode "Beggars Can't Be Choosers"


Cassie in The Final Frame and Helen in Waterfront Beat


Film Shirley Valentine in which Gillian played the young Shirley


Debbie McGrath in Brookside with spin off "Damon and Debbie" in 1987
Gillian Kearney with Simon O'Brein from Bookside

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