Peter Pan
Richmond Theatre
12 December 2002 - 19 January 2003

Good to see Joanna again for the second year running in Panto. Well my second year running. It was actually her 8th year. This year it was Peter Pan at the Richmond Theatre in London. Joanna played two parts, that of Mrs Darling and the Mermaid. Both were played with her usual excellence and enthusiasm. Joanna adopting a working class accent when playing the mermaid as opposed to the more upper class accent of Mrs Darling. This was the first time I've seen Joanna alter her voice in this way - she continues to amaze me.

Initially I was apprehensive about some of the castings in the show, namely Bonnie Langford as Peter Pan. However, I was proved wrong. Bonnie put all her energy into the role, a role which required great agility (flying on wires, standing on backs on chairs in the audience). Her obvious enthusiasm for the role was infections and transmitted itself to the audience, particularly the children.

Robert Powell was Captain Hook. I did feel that he underplayed the role. maybe I was expecting more from this seasoned actor

Mike McClean as Smee however shone, providing most of the laughs. He and his band of pirates (all trained gymnasts and tumblers called The Acromaniacs) put in an excellent stunt routine in the middle of the show. Mike also had his own solo spot with four children from the audience which proved to be very humorous.

Jodie Jacobs played Tinkerbell in her professional debut and with this sort of performance, I'm sure there will be many more opportunities for this talented actress. She is defiantly one to watch in the future.

However the best part of the whole show was when bricks (actually blocks of foam) were issued to the whole audience to throw on stage at the pirates. Chaos reined!!!!

One last point - The crocodile failed to create any dramatic or scary effect. I felt that most of the kids wanted to hug him!

The Cast

Captain HookRobert Powell
Peter PanBonnie Langford
SmeeMike McClean
Mrs Darling / MermaidJoanna Monro
TinkerbellJodie Jacobs
WendyKaty Osborne
Tiger LilyCharlene Williams
StarkeySteve Hughes
PiratesThe Acromaniacs
Darren Haddrell
Tony Christian
Nick Euridge
Peter Hill
MichaelMichael Gibbons / Charlie Couch
JohnDayle Hodge / Sam Duckett
Pirates/IndiansHelen Curtis
Toria Whitney
Zoe Wilson
Zoe Dawes
Lost BoysBabette Langford Young Set

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Many thanks to my ever patient girlfriend Sue, for the help in preparing this review.