Joanna Monro

Shirley Cheriton, Joanna Monro, Sarah Lam
OK I admit it. The sight of Joanna in a nurses uniform in Angels made me a fan. I was hooked on the program and was devastated when they took the series off and watched her on the 'That's Life' show even though I didn't really like it. After that I lost trace of her, she wasn't on TV much, so I didn't know if she was still acting or not. Then after many years I discovered her again on the BBC World Service. So she was still acting! But what has she in between, I had to find out. This page is the results of this search. Seems that she has been busy with one thing and another. I can't get over the fact that she done some acting work at a theatre not 30 miles from where I live! Just think all this time to have been so close to her but just not knowing..........

Many thanks to Elizabeth Buy for most of the information below.

Known Film/TV/Theatre credits

Prior to 1974

Young Deb in The View from Daniel Pyke

Lydia Robson in The Brontes of Howarth


Rega who was a Metabillion peasant in 6 episodes of the Dr Who Series 'Planet of the Spiders'


After Dr Who she then spent three years training at LAMDA
after which she worked for the English Theatre in Vienna, and appeared in Butley with Hywel Bennett.


She played Student Nurse Anna Newcross in the BBC TV series Angels.


She was in a program called The Adventure Game shown on BBC1 on 24 May 1980 and repeated on 27 September 1980 as a contestant.


She did a tour with 'Prisoner Cell Block H - The Stage Play'. This was based on the TV Series and she played a character called Frankie Doyle. The tour schedule was:

12 December 1989 - Albery Theatre, London she appeared in Blood Brothers when she played Mrs Lyons.


Nuffield Theatre, Southampton in a variety of roles.

09.11.95 to 02.11.95All's Well That Ends Wellthe Widow
07.12.95 to 20.01.96The County of Monte CristoHermine
In which I've been told that "she was incredibly funny"
08.02.96 to 02.03.96Dead White MalesMonica Judd
18.04.96 to 11.05.96The Price of MeatJoy Jackson


She was in My Mother and Her Sisters which was broadcast on 22 June 1997 on Radio 4.

Later that same year Hair in the Gate was broadcast on 19 November 1997 on Radio 4


Appeared in a comedy scene of the Hale & Pace show.


Apears in three short Radio 4 series called Chambers

Since 1998

She's been in the BBC World Service Soap Westway playing a character called Louise Patterson.

This picture was taken from the official BBC Westway Home Page . I hope they don't mind!


She appeared in Heated Rollers. A six-part comedy sketch show.

She also appeared in an episode of 'People like Us' playing The Photographer


Treasure Island at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton which ran from 30th November 2000 to 13 January 2001.

I was lucky enough to see this play and to meet Joanna afterwards. Read my review of the play by Clicking Here

She also appeared in a episode of The Bill called 'Soft Talking'. Her character was called Nurse Blisset


12 December 2002 - 19 January 2003 she was in Peter Pan at the Richmond Theatre in London. I was lucky to have been able to see this show and click here to see my review of it.


Appeared in Breeze Block Pary at the Liverpool Playhouse

28th August - 20 September she appeared in Habeas Corpus at Northcott (Exeter)


Mo Mowlam in 'Confessions of a Diary Secretary'

Played Rosie in the International Tour of MAMMA MIA!

Other roles

Here's a list of other roles that she has played but I'm not sure of the dates

Jackanory Playhouse for BBC

Hayfever Watford Palace Theatre

Misalliance Theatre Royal Winsor

Instant Enlightenment Including VAT New Half Moon Theatre

The Master Builder at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Golden Leaf Strut at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Mrs Johnson in Blood Brothers at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry

When I was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout at the Whitehall Theatre, London

Dreams of San Francisco (Bush Theatre)

Baby Love (musical)

Rough Crossing at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

The Taming of the Shrew at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton and also at Theatre Des Deux Rives in Rouen, France.

Women on the Verge of HRT (Belgrade Theatre),

All’s Well That Ends Well

She has directed and appeared in numerous productions at the Bonne Crepe Cafe Theatre.

Other TV work

The Bill, Fast Forward, Up Our Street, Jackanory, Saturday Superstore, Cheggers Plays Pop, The Late Show, Jasper Carrot, Celebrity Squares, Life and Death of Philip Knight, Monster Cafe, All Star Secrets, Sunday Sunday, The Cazalet Chronicle, Emmerdale (Yorkshire), The Bill (Thames), Dream Team (Sky One) and The Six O’Clock Show (LWT)

Other Radio work

Nichola Johnson, On Cue, The B Team, Dog Eat Dog, London Calling, Kalangadog Junction, Week Ending and Lovely Witches

Other work

She has been a guest teacher at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts